If your collection is anything like mine, part of your home is probably overflowing with erasers. I’ve been slowly running out of space for a while now, but I knew I would need to add SOME kind of new display for my erasers before my birthday arrived when I knew I’d be receiving some new eraser friends.

Luckily, one day when my husband and I were out shopping at Home Goods, we¬†stumbled upon these acrylic trays with neon details for $8 each! While they’re actually meant to store odds and ends such as pencils, we instantly knew I’d be using them as shelves. I ended up attaching them to the wall using some very strong double sided tape, and you really can’t tell it’s hung using said tape once I put the erasers in there.

They can’t hold that many erasers, but some is better than none, and I really like how the more colorful erasers look with the neon accents. I’d say the small pillar in the living area has now been put to good use!

Do you put your erasers on display, or do you keep them in storage? In what ways do you like to display your collection?