As a big fan of erasers in the shapes of my favorite deserts, I was immediately drawn to the Koala’s March erasers after seeing them posted on Instagram by fellow eraser collectors. Not having seen these very often, I thought “Why doesn’t every collector have these as a part of their hoard?”. So, I did what I usually do when I want to find a coveted eraser and headed on over to Yahoo Japan Auctions. I ran a search for Koala’s March erasers and came up with 2 listings: One with just a single Koala eraser, and another with the entire set plus the box. There was a dilemma though… while the single eraser listing was something cheap like 300 yen (around 3 USD as of this post), the complete set was a whopping 8000 yen (80 USD)!! I wasn’t about to pay that much for a set of erasers, so I sent an Instagram message to my buddy, Eraser Palace, to see if she had an extra set to spare for an eraser trade. Things didn’t get easier there either once Eraser Palace informed me that the Koala’s March erasers were a limited gift in Japan from Game Center, and she’d once seen them auction off for 270 USD!!! After hearing this, I figured 80 dollars wasn’t so bad after all and hit the Buyout button on Buyee.

About a week later and many Buyee fees, here they are nestled so comfortably in┬ámy sweets eraser shelf. I think I need some more space since this is starting to look a bit cluttered. It’s still my favorite shelf in the entire collection though.

Do you have a favorite kind of eraser you like to collect?