Have you ever had a moment where, as an avid eraser collector, you thought you had combed the absolute far corners of the internet and discovered all of the erasers that there are to collect only to discover that there was something really cool still to be collected? That’s what happened to me a few years ago when I was doing my usual eraser search in Google images when I stumbled upon a Chinese eraser collector who had these super chibi versions of some of my favorite Pokemon. I was not sure if they were actually erasers at first since I’d never seen an eraser collector with these among their treasures. So, I asked the person who’d posted them, and she said she did not know who made them and she’d bought them at a yard sale.

For a couple of years, I couldn’t find any info until I posted pictures on a Pokemon collectors site. That’s when someone responded to my post saying they had the Pikachu from the set and would sell it to me. Of course, I immediately jumped on that, and once the elusive Pikachu eraser figure arrived, I saw it was made by Banpresto in 1999! No wonder it had been so hard to find! Over the next couple of years, I would find another from the set here and there until eventually, I had the complete set after about 4 years of searching! I mostly found them for sale without their boxes, but some of them I have bought along with their original packaging.







As you can see on the box, Banpresto named them Keshimodel. They also comeĀ apart like other high quality Japanese erasers!

What’s the longest you’ve ever spent searching for an eraser or eraser set?