Has anyone else noticed that there seems to be a LOT of eraser releases from several companies this year? I have, and when I saw that Re-Ment announced these a few months ago, I had heart palpitations! Instantly, I had flashbacks of the Takara Tomy Sugarbunnies cake set that came out back around 2007. While this set isn’t quite as elaborate, it’s still very cute and pretty well made. I ordered my set from AmiAmi, and the shipping was free (I used their Ebay site), and the erasers came a week earlier than expected come from Japan to America!

Like all Re-Ment erasers, they arrived in this unopened box with a sticker┬áconfirming a complete set. This box can also be setup to use as a store display, but I keep them in perfect condition minus the sticker being cut to open. The box opens up to eight of these smaller “blind” boxes.



One thing I was surprised to see was that their are no pegs to hold the smaller cake toppings into place, but the cuteness of the set makes up for that slight flaw.

I ended up using this tiny cake stand I purchased from the $1 section of Target to display these.

I think they fit quite perfectly. Did you buy this set already? If not, I highly recommend that you do. If you have, how did you display your set?