I’m not sure what inspired Re-Ment to release so many erasers this year, but I hope they keep it up! Please, oh please give us Sailor Moon erasers, Re-Ment! Wouldn’t some transformation brooch erasers be so cool!? Ok, getting back on track here. I was scrolling through Google images, as usual, when I saw this Kirby image and could not believe my eyes!! Kirby FIGURE ERASERS?!?! Are you kidding me?!?!?!?

Whew, I’ve calmed down now. Anyway, we’ve never seen high quality Kirby erasers, so I am SUPER pumped! Not only that, but the poses are even better than the Pokemon ones Re-Ment released. I love how they each have a cloud base, which I believe is also made of eraser material. If I am not mistaken, they can also be removed from the bases. There’s also this picture I found from Twitter showing non-stock images of the set:

Just seeing this makes me excited all over again for their release. They arrive to us on February 23rd!

What erasers do you hope to see Re-Ment announce in the future?