As mentioned in the previous post, toy companies sure are making a lot of high quality erasers lately, and I am certainly not mad about it! Also, if you’ve been following me for a while on Instagram (@KeshiKawaii), then you know I am kind of a huge fan of any toilet themed erasers. So, when Re-Ment teased us with photos of new poo erasers, I couldn’t have been more excited!

We’re getting 12 different kinds of poop erasers plus a mystery character! We usually get 6 to 8 characters in each eraser set released by Re-Ment, so maybe they’re making more in this set since there aren’t multiple colors featured in each eraser. I also like the creativity they used for each poop character instead of giving us plain poops in different colors like the Iwako poos. I’d have to say my favorite ones are the dragon poop and the classic brown poop, although that could change when these arrive to my doorstep since these always look different in person. Which ones are your early favorites?