Everyone is liking the posts on where to find the erasers I’ve found, so I want to make this a regular topic that I post on every week. If you ever see something I’ve posted about, but you can’t find it even with links I’ve given, please feel free to leave a comment so that I can try to help you locate your erasers!

First up are these Erasola erasers made in Japan. The only date I could locate on the box was 1980, so I am left to assume that these were made during that year. If that’s true, these are in pretty AMAZING shape for such old erasers!

I can’t find these anywhere at the moment, but I found them originally on American Ebay, so I’d suggest searching there regularly and also on Yahoo Japan auctions since they were made in Japan.

I’ve been eyeballing these Cutie Critters Erasers for a long time, and when my husband gave them to me for my birthday, I was surprised at how small and cute they were! I also like that these aren’t your plain, cookie cutter crayon shaped erasers. The metallic labels on each crayon each themed with a different animal make them a lot more interesting that the other crayon erasers. You can find these HERE.

Lastly, I have these scented ones from China that my husband got from Ebay. I liked how they were arranged in the package, so I figured they’d look really nice on my shelf. You can buy them on Ebay. I also found some more that come in a little clear zipper bag on Ebay.

Please let me know if there are any erasers you’ve seen me post about on Instagram that you’d like me to write an article here about.