Recently, I was gifted with an Amazon gift card, so what did I spend all of it on? Erasers, of course! What was my strategy? To get as many as I could without going over the gift card budget, duh!

I’ve been saying for a while that I wanted to find some cute rubber duck erasers that looked decently well-made, so when I saw these for $1.53, I knew they had to be mine! I will say that of all the erasers I ordered that day, these took the longest to arrive, but I kind of expected that since they were so cheap. I was also confused that a red and purple duck were featured instead of the colors I received. No worries here because I still really like them! These are made by a company called Blueprint, which I’ve not written an article about yet, but if you follow my Instagram, they made the pastel Hello Kitty erasers I posted recently. I remember thinking that those were really high quality as well, so if you spot any Blueprint erasers, get them! As for these, you can purchase on Amazon.