I have to hand it to Raymond Geddes, they have some of the more unique erasers I’ve seen out on the market so far! Sure, a lot of people have made smart phone erasers, but I’ve not yet seen one that fits in my hand and looks like a functioning phone at first glance! That’s why I stopped in my tracks to add these to my list of must have erasers when browsing their site. Plus, all of the printing that Geddes does on their erasers is really high-quality and not easy to scratch off. How many times have we ordered erasers only to have crappy paint jobs sent to us on low-quality erasers? Plus, I do appreciate that Geddes doesn’t package these in ugly blister packs. Everything sent to me was packaged in a simple, clear bag, kind of like how Iwako erasers used to be packaged but without the cardboard on the top.

While these come in many different colors, I only have 2, but I definitely plan to buy the rest of the set! You can buy them at Raymond Geddes! Which color is your favorite? I’m obviously partial to the pink and blue.