I’m back from vacation with SO many erasers to show you! I got these smart watch erasers from Raymond Geddes with the last ones I showed here, so I’m glad to be able to show the rest of the magical haul that the company graciously sent me.

Usually, I avoid buying any of the smart watch erasers I’ve seen online because they look cheap and I’m not the type of eraser collector to pick up just any old thing. However, I picked these out since I knew from past purchases that Raymond Geddes does amazing printing on their erasers! Just as I thought, these were no different and ended up being very high-quality. The variety of backgrounds that they featured, including Little Big Planet, was also a nice touch. They always manage to find a clever place to put their company name too without it being annoying or tacky! They have these available for sale at Raymond Geddes.

I also wanted to show these cute little gems here since I don’t have the full set of either eraser type, and because they definitely don’t deserve to be left out of this post. The life-size smart phone erasers were featured last week, so this version is just the miniature size. The game eraser is basically a generic 3ds, and it actually opens up to reveal an alien game. Kuddos to Geddes for not making the entire inside one solid color and adding other parts that can come off. Purchase both sets at Raymond Geddes and also at Raymond Geddes!