Ever since I started collecting erasers, I always scout out different stores that potentially carry erasers, especially the ones who frequently carry new ones. I don’t live in a giant city, so it’s nice that the Target down the road carries new erasers pretty darn frequently. While I was away on vacation for about a week, when I came back home and went grocery shopping at Target, I was pleasantly surprised that the dollar bins were full of new erasers I’d not yet seen!

If any of you remember a line of erasers in the US called Crazerasers, the company who made them was called Fashion Angels. I believe they stopped making erasers for a few years for the most part, so I am thrilled to see they have been swamping Target with new ones. I like the variety too! The hinged mythical creatures are really cute, and I have decided because of them, I’m going to keep my eyes open for more hinged erasers in the future. Also, as if I did not have enough cactus erasers, I have yet another one! I do appreciate that it’s a completely different sculpt than all of the cactus erasers I already have in my collection. I feel like Fashion Angel’s packaging designs are a lot prettier than most of the other Target erasers, like the ones shown down below, which are made by a company called Made For Retail. Made For Retail generally has a lot of knockoff erasers, so I don’t usually pick up all the ones made by them. Fashion Angels always offer completely new erasers in my experience, so I appreciate that.

If you have a Target nearby, I suggest you go and search the dollar bins, the school supplies section, and the seasonal section near the candy. You’d be surprised what you find sometimes! I know I have been many times. Where do you guys do your eraser hunting?