Yes, it is time for another Raymond Geddes eraser post! This time it will include the erasers they sent me and also ones I surprisingly stumbled upon at Target. I feel like I’m becoming a Geddes eraser¬†connoisseur to the point where I now want to hunt down every eraser they have made plus the vintage ones that aren’t sold on their site anymore. One day, I shall have ALL the Raymond Geddes erasers!

Anyway, I am kind of obsessed with pencil shaped erasers, and I have a small shelf filled with them at this point, so I HAD to request these Dr. Seuss pencil shaped erasers. Unlike all of my other pencil erasers, I like that these have swirls of colors and aren’t giant so that they don’t take up so much space on my shelf. Aren’t they super cute? You can buy these and more colors at Raymond Geddes!

I tried not to ask Geddes to send me too many because I didn’t want to get greedy, so I assume they also sent me the Dr. Seuss book erasers since I already asked for the Dr. Seuss pencil erasers. I’m super glad they did too! I believe these are actually my first set of book shaped erasers. Buy them also at Raymond Geddes.¬†

Last but not least, I was digging through the Target dollar bins, as I usually do, when I was shocked to see some erasers that looked like some I’d seen on the Geddes website. Sure enough, when I flipped over the packages, they all had the Raymond Geddes logo on them! So cool! I hope this means there will be more Geddes erasers at major retailers so I don’t have to order online! You can buy them all at Raymond Geddes, and at Geddes.