I’ve not been collecting erasers for very long compared to some other eraser collectors who I follow, so I’m not sure why Iwako released poop erasers in the past, but it looks like they released some more for a convention in Japan, which were given away for free.

I don’t have all of the poops of Iwako’s past, but I have managed to collect a few of them. The yellow is curry scented, purple is grape scented, and the mint is (surprise) mint scented. I’ve seen other collectors with a pastel pink and a pastel blue poop, but I’ve not gotten lucky enough yet to find those yet.

As far as the newest colors, I’m not sure what scent they are supposed to be except the brown one, which is clearly chocolate scented.



Here’s the new packaging, and please let me know if you are from Japan and know what this convention is about.


The bottoms of each poop have a different stamping as well, even the older ones seem to have been released at different times/events.