I have (yet again) finally gotten this highly anticipated set of Re-ment erasers, courtesy of my husband (and again), and I have to say, the quality is AMAZING! Now, I’m not trying to knock the first series Pokemon erasers Re-ment released, but these have better sculpts, and there isn’t a lot of scratching on the parts that are painted on. I had quite a few scratched up Pikachu ears in my series 1 set. Also, it could be my imagination, but these seem to be a little lighter than the first series, which makes them feel higher quality in my opinion. Something else that was missing from the last set was removable parts, and while this series isn’t filled with that, you can at least remove the marker cap from the Jigglypuff eraser, so I thought that was pretty cute!

Enjoy the eraser eye-candy 🙂