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Eraser Hunting: Where to Find Cheap Erasers

If you’re a collector who really likes to beef up your eraser collection cheaply, then this post is for you! I will admit, although I love erasers of all kinds, I do this from time to time even if the actual erasers aren’t the greatest. The main place I like to visit weekly to do this is called Five Below, and the store is basically a nicer dollar store with everything costing $5 and below. Most times you will find decent erasers with some often beat-up packaging (do their employees hulk-smash the erasers before putting them out on display?)...

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Re-Ment Pokemon Big Erasers Series 3

I am so sorry for not posting in a while! I’ve had some life events pop up and slow me down, and while I was still posting my erasers finds on my KeshiKawaii Instagram, making actual posts just seemed like too much to do at that time. Anyway, I am back, and I want to talk about these Pokemon erasers even though I am extremely late to the party! Any time Re-Ment releases a set of erasers, as all of us eraser collectors know, they will come packaged very nicely sealed with a sticker that denotes a complete set....

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Eraser Hunting: Paperchase Erasers

Recently, I was looking for Pusheen erasers in the Google image results, and I clicked on a large Pusheen eraser and went to the site where it was located. Lucky for me, this site called Paperchase turned out to be a stationary site that had SO many erasers I had not seen before! I got really excited when I saw the sharpener-shaped eraser they had, so I said, “That’s it, I NEED to order from their site NOW!”. Not only did they have several erasers I wanted, but their erasers were also all Paperchase brand, so you could only...

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Re-Ment Poop Erasers Review

It’s another day, which means another set of erasers have been acquired thanks to my handsome husband! Seriously though, he has caught me up so much on my eraser collecting lately, although there are a few other sets that I need to go out and get. Anyway, when Re-Ment first announce these, I died of excitement because I am a huge lover of any kind of poop eraser! There’s really not too much to say about these that I already didn’t know since they ended up looking like what I thought they’d look like in person, unlike the Pokemon...

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Re-Ment Big Pokemon Eraser Figures Part 2

I have (yet again) finally gotten this highly anticipated set of Re-ment erasers, courtesy of my husband (and again), and I have to say, the quality is AMAZING! Now, I’m not trying to knock the first series Pokemon erasers Re-ment released, but these have better sculpts, and there isn’t a lot of scratching on the parts that are painted on. I had quite a few scratched up Pikachu ears in my series 1 set. Also, it could be my imagination, but these seem to be a little lighter than the first series, which makes them feel higher quality in...

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