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Re-Ment Kirby Erasers Review

I know I am very late to the game in getting these, but I’ve had a lot of life-stuff happening lately, so the only reason I got these was because of my sweet husband. Of all the erasers he could have surprised me with, I have to say that these were the perfect choice! First of all, I was imaging these to be really, really big because of the Pokemon erasers Re-Ment has given us before, but I did not consider the fact that the cloud erasers/stands could play a big role on actually how big the character part...

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Eraser Haul Gifted by Eraser Palace

Alright, I know it’s been a couple months since I’ve posted, so I’ll make my first and long-awaited post a good one. A couple months back, my friend on Instagram, Eraser Palace, sent me a GIANT box of erasers! We’ve done this in the past where we’ve collected erasers for each other since we’re both in different countries, and exchanged them after a couple months or so. I am not going to do much talking, so I’ll just let the photos of all the really cute erasers speak for themselves....

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Iwako Poop Erasers

I’ve not been collecting erasers for very long compared to some other eraser collectors who I follow, so I’m not sure why Iwako released poop erasers in the past, but it looks like they released some more for a convention in Japan, which were given away for free. I don’t have all of the poops of Iwako’s past, but I have managed to collect a few of them. The yellow is curry scented, purple is grape scented, and the mint is (surprise) mint scented. I’ve seen other collectors with a pastel pink and a pastel blue poop, but I’ve...

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New Release: Kutsuwa Fidget Spinner Erasers

Not to steal the thunder from the Raymond Geddes fidget spinner erasers, but I absolutely freaked out when I saw these in Google images!! I immediately clicked on the image website to find that these are actual erasers made by Kutsuwa! A lot of times when I find cool erasers in Google images, I can’t find who is making them, and they end up being only sold on some sketchy Chinese website. Luckily, we don’t have to worry about that with these! They are being released in April of this year!! There are 3 kinds, and they will be...

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Geddes Dr. Seuss Erasers

Yes, it is time for another Raymond Geddes eraser post! This time it will include the erasers they sent me and also ones I surprisingly stumbled upon at Target. I feel like I’m becoming a Geddes eraser┬áconnoisseur to the point where I now want to hunt down every eraser they have made plus the vintage ones that aren’t sold on their site anymore. One day, I shall have ALL the Raymond Geddes erasers! Anyway, I am kind of obsessed with pencil shaped erasers, and I have a small shelf filled with them at this point, so I HAD to...

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