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Raymond Geddes Fidget Spinner Erasers

I know I’ve made many posts recently about Raymond Geddes erasers, but they sent me SO many cool ones that I refused to just do one single post on them! That being said, these are SO epic that I’ve been itching to show you guys!! I know most of you have seen the Smiggle fidget spinner erasers… but come on! Those were just plastic fidget spinners with small erasers inserted into the tips! Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still get those if I have the chance, but they aren’t near as cool as these that Geddes sent since the...

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Eraser Hunting: Target

Ever since I started collecting erasers, I always scout out different stores that potentially carry erasers, especially the ones who frequently carry new ones. I don’t live in a giant city, so it’s nice that the Target down the road carries new erasers pretty darn frequently. While I was away on vacation for about a week, when I came back home and went grocery shopping at Target, I was pleasantly surprised that the dollar bins were full of new erasers I’d not yet seen! If any of you remember a line of erasers in the US called Crazerasers, the...

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Bandai Zombie’s Empire Erasers

As I’ve said before, if we could add another symbol to the Chinese Zodiac, this would most definitely be the year of the eraser! Seriously, we have Bandai, Re-Ment, Takara Tomy, and several other companies releasing erasers out the pie-hole! I can only hope this trend continues and possibly surpasses the fidget spinner and squishy trends. Anyway, I posted about these Bandai erasers a few weeks ago after they were announced, and as excited as I was about them, I am even more excited about them now! I ordered mine from Yahoo Japan Auctions via the Buyee service since...

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Raymond Geddes Smart Watch Erasers

I’m back from vacation with SO many erasers to show you! I got these smart watch erasers from Raymond Geddes with the last ones I showed here, so I’m glad to be able to show the rest of the magical haul that the company graciously sent me. Usually, I avoid buying any of the smart watch erasers I’ve seen online because they look cheap and I’m not the type of eraser collector to pick up just any old thing. However, I picked these out since I knew from past purchases that Raymond Geddes does amazing printing on their erasers!...

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Life Size Smart Phone Erasers

I have to hand it to Raymond Geddes, they have some of the more unique erasers I’ve seen out on the market so far! Sure, a lot of people have made smart phone erasers, but I’ve not yet seen one that fits in my hand and looks like a functioning phone at first glance! That’s why I stopped in my tracks to add these to my list of must have erasers when browsing their site. Plus, all of the printing that Geddes does on their erasers is really high-quality and not easy to scratch off. How many times have...

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