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Interesting Ways to Display Your Erasers

If your collection is anything like mine, part of your home is probably overflowing with erasers. I’ve been slowly running out of space for a while now, but I knew I would need to add SOME kind of new display for my erasers before my birthday arrived when I knew I’d be receiving some new eraser friends. Luckily, one day when my husband and I were out shopping at Home Goods, we stumbled upon these acrylic trays with neon details for $8 each! While they’re actually meant to store odds and ends such as pencils, we instantly knew I’d be...

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Rare Erasers: Koala’s March

  As a big fan of erasers in the shapes of my favorite deserts, I was immediately drawn to the Koala’s March erasers after seeing them posted on Instagram by fellow eraser collectors. Not having seen these very often, I thought “Why doesn’t every collector have these as a part of their hoard?”. So, I did what I usually do when I want to find a coveted eraser and headed on over to Yahoo Japan Auctions. I ran a search for Koala’s March erasers and came up with 2 listings: One with just a single Koala eraser, and another...

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Zombie Empire Erasers- Bandai

If you are outside of Japan like I am, it can be a little difficult to find out what Japanese erasers are being released until they are finally (if ever) released in your country. To find upcoming releases, I like to search the most frequently used word for eraser in Japanese, 消しゴム (pronounced Keshigomu) in recent Google images, or on Amazon Japan. That’s where I stumbled upon these super unique Zombie Empire erasers released by Bandai, makers of the very detailed Gundam erasers. The set includes 12 characters, and each one can come apart and also be hooked onto your pencil....

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Made By Humans- Gummy Bear Erasers

One method I use to discover new erasers is to search random objects or food items with the word eraser in front of it. One day as I was performing a search for gummy bear erasers, I stumbled upon these gems from a company named Made by Humans 2 Designs. I used a $1 glass dessert bowl I found at Hobby Lobby to display them. I always buy extra packs so I can make the display look nice, and also so I can keep 1 pack unopened. How do you display your erasers? Do you like to keep them in the package...

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