Remember the Pokemon erasers I posted about? Well these are basically the Digimon version that Banpresto released around the same time in 1999, except this time they were not called Keshimodel. They are definitely made from the same eraser material as the Pokemon version, but you can clearly see the Japanese word for eraser on the box.

These took me just about as long to find as the Pokemon set, but I’ve found that they are a little less rare, especially when it comes to finding Biyomon… she’s everywhere!!



Of course, they come apart like any high quality Japanese eraser as well. I sure wish Banpresto had continued this line and included newer Digimon like Veemon, and newer Pokemon like Celebi. How cute would that be?! One thing I continue to wonder is why I don’t see these in more eraser collectors’ collections. Have you seen these and saved your money for other higher priority erasers?